We currently operate 4 pieces of apparatus.
Click on the pictures to see the personnel assigned to each company.

1990 Pierce Arrow pumper 
1750 gpm pump with a 1000 gallon tank.
Radio ID "362 Engine"

1982 Mack CF / 75' Baker Aerialscope Tower

Radio ID "363 Truck"

1991 Mack MR Saulsbury Rescue

12,000 watts of quartz lighting including 1) 6,000 watt & 1) 3,000 watt light tower powered by a 45,000 watt transfer case driven generator, Hurst hydraulic extrication equipment, a 4 bottle 5,000 psi cascade system with a Sierra booster pump and a command center with full compliment of radios.

Radio ID "364 Rescue"

1980 Mack CF pumper

1250 gpm dual stage Waterous pump with a 500 gallon tank.

Radio ID "361 Engine"