Below are the different categories of membership available, please choose the one that suits you best.

Attack Firefighter (AF): A full-duty firefighter providing fire suppression, search and rescue, vehicle accident extrication, hazardous materials control duties and engage in all other emergency response operations of the Department. These members have no physical limitations or duty restrictions. Extensive, but highly rewarding training requirements exist for these Members.

Support Firefighter (SF): A fire fighter whose remains highly active in the emergency response operations of the Department, yet has some type of duty limitation due perhaps to a physical condition or personal choice. Many important emergency scene operations are able to be fulfilled by support firefighters, therefore while the training requirements are not as intense as those for Attack Firefighters, they do require a high degree of training.

Apparatus Operator (AO): A Member whose responsibility is to ensure the safe arrival and operation of the Departments emergency vehicles at the incident scene. The critical role performed by AO requires training and competency, however these Members are not required to complete, nor maintain the levels of training as a Firefighter unless they desire dual "certification".

Fire Police Officer (FPO): A Fire Police Officer provides traffic, scene and crowd control in support of Department operations. They must physically able to safely perform these tasks. Specific training requirements exist in order for these members to safety, efficiently and legally perform their important role.

Support Group Member (SG): A member not certified as emergency responders yet still provide support or administrative duties. Duties include: providing rehabilitation support for firefighting forces during major incidents, supplying morale and welfare support at Department functions, general support of Department operations and activities.

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Applications can also be picked up Tuesday nights (6:30-7:30pm) at the Fire Station:

220 Main St. Hudson Falls, NY 12839