10 Codes

10-1  Call Your Quarters By Telephone
10-2  Return To Quarters
10-3  Call The Dispatcher By Telephone
10-4  Acknowledgment
10-5  Repeat Last Message
10-6  Stand By
10-7  Verify Address/Information with Source
10-8  Unit is In Service/Available
             Code 1 
When any Unit is on the air outside their response area.
10-9    Off the Air
10-10   Unit Location
10-11   Give A Radio Test Count
10-12   First Arriving Unit Give Preliminary Report
10-13   Fire Department Request the Fire Investigation Unit
10-14   Roster Staffed Engine

10-15   Cover Assignment
10-18   Return All Units except the First Engine AND First Truck.
10-19   Return All Units except the First Engine OR First Truck.
10-20   Proceed To Box Location With Reduced Speed.
10-21   Brush Fire
10-22   Outside Rubbish Fire
10-23   Abandoned/Derelict Vehicle Fire
10-24   Vehicle Fire
10-25   Manhole/Transformer Vault Fire
              Code 1- Fire Extended Into building
              Code 2- Cover Blown
              Code 3- Smoke Issuing Under Pressure

              Code 4- Transformer Fire (Manhole Or Pole Mounted)
10-26   Food On The Stove.
10-27   Compactor Fire
10-28   Fire or Emergency in the Railroad System
               Code 1- Crossing Related Incident
               Code 2- On-Track Incident

10-29   Dumpster Fire

10-31   Clogged Incinerator
10-32   Defective Oil Burner
10-33   Oder of Smoke

               Code 1- Caused by nearby working fire, BBQ's, Salamanders, Etc.

               Code 2- Any other type oder
10-34   Sprinkler System Emergency
               Code 1- Defective Equipment
               Code 2- Unwarranted Alarm
               Code 3- Non Fire Activated
10-35   Alarm System Emergency
               Code 1- Defective Alarm
               Code 2- Unwarranted Alarm
               Code 3- Recorded Alarm

               Code 4- System Test or Repair Without Proper Notification
10-36   Vehicle Emergency
               Code 1- Control of fuel/antifreeze
               Code 2-  Accident with no Injury
               Code 3- Accident with Injury
               Code 4- Accident Requiring Extrication

               No Code- All Others
10-37   Assist Civilian - First Aid Or Other Calls For Assistance
               Code 1- Victim  Deceased (Non-Fire Related)
               Code 2- Victim Not Breathing - Requires Resuscitation
               Code 3- Victim Is Breathing With Illness or Injury

               No Code- All Others
10-38   Carbon Monoxide Emergency
               Code 1- Detector Activation (Defective, Low-Battery, Unwarranted)
               Code 2- Readings from 1-9 parts per million
               Code 3- Readings above 9 parts per million
               Code 4- No Detector Activation.

10-39    FD Units Standing by at Interagency Incident, e.g., Standing by at a Suspicious Package
10-40   Utility Emergency
               Code 1- Gas Emergency
               Code 2- Electrical Emergency
               Code 3- Water Condition
               Code 4- Steam Leak

               Code 5- Clogged Chimney
10-41   Suspicious Fire
               Code 1- Occupied Structure or Vehicle
               Code 2- Unoccupied Structure
               Code 3- Unoccupied Vehicle
               Code 4- Vacant Structure

10-42   Secure a Landing Zone
10-44   Request for an Ambulance to scene
10-45   Serious Injury to Civilian
               Code 1- Patient Deceased
               Code 2- Patient Suffering Life-Threatening Injury
               Code 3- Patient Seriously Injured
10-47   Request Police Response
10-48   Request Police Response on an Emergency Basis
10-51   Outside Activity Cancelled Due to Weather
10-60   Major Emergency Response

10-70   Water Relay Required
10-75   Working Fire

10-76   Working Fire in a High-Rise Office Building
10-77   Working Fire in a High-Rise Residential Building

10-80   Haz-Mat Incident

               Code 1- Small Scale Hazard (Level 1 Haz-Mat)

               Code 2- Large Scale Hazard (Level 2 or 3 Haz-Mat)
10-84   Units Arrived at the Scene
10-86   Foam Operation
10-91   Emergency Handled by Another Agency
10-92   Malicious False Alarm

10-99   Units will be operating for more than 30 minutes.